alpaca walking norfolk

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Burnt Fen Alpacas for a spot of alpaca walking. It’s not something I would normally think about doing on a weekend but it’s right up my street, combining animals with mild exercise.

The farm is home to 28 alpacas including a new baby! The boys are trained for walks and all the alpacas are also used for their wool, which makes beautifully soft jumpers, hats and scarves!


The visit started with a chat about the alpacas, how to behave around them, their names, likes and dislikes, etc. Then we had to catch them. We were given a long cord and formed a moving fence where we herded the alpacas into a little pen. The boys knew what they were doing and moved politely into the small area. We then had the task of catching the one we wanted to take for a walk!

alpaca herding




I instantly zeroed in on a pretty little boy called Apache.


A boy who thought it would be a good idea to eat everything in sight as we walked. This left us at the back of the herd, we had quite a lovely conversation about foliage. Although, it was quite one sided.







When we got back from the walk we were allowed to go and feed the girls some chopped up carrots. They were happy to come over and eat out of our hands while our own refreshments were prepared.




Along with our refreshments of tea and biscuits we also got to meet three beautiful Bantam chicks, a gorgeous dog and a very patient cat.






These are the silk scarves covered in alpaca fibre. They are very soft and so beautiful to look at. Burnt Fen is happy to take commissions so if there is any type of woolen item you are after, let them know and they’ll make it.

The two hour walk including refreshments costs £50 per group (up to six people). It’s well worth it if you fancy doing something different. They alpacas are lovely, the surrounding area is wonderful to look at and you’ll probably make a woolly new friend.

Burnt Fen Alpacas

Garden Cottage, Burnt Fen Road, Horning, Norfolk. NR12 8LA

Visitors by appointment only.

For more information please call 01692 630553 or email