I was recently contacted by Antonella and asked to review a photo session. Although I’m usually more comfortable on the other side of the camera, I agreed. I run a fashion blog and thought some really nice shots of myself would make a nice change from the self-shot rubbish I usually post.

I also thought there might be a chance to drag the boyf into the shots, despite the fact that he was wholly against the idea.

Antonella is professional, patient and great at giving direction, despite that fact that I am awkward, ungraceful and a little bit camera shy. She even managed to get Ben involved in a few of the shots.

Above all, she made us feel relaxed and that is exactly what you need from a photographer when you aren’t used to having your photo taken. It’s a little unnerving walking around the city with someone snapping away and all the people around looking at you. I think they thought I was a popstar! (Maybe not…)

And the results are just as wonderful as the shoot. I don’t look too awkward at all!

The type of shoot we had lasted around two hours and would’ve cost £85. This includes Antonella’s travel from Great Yarmouth and all the post processing. To see more of Antonella’s work and find out a bit about her, visit www.antonellamuscatphotography.co.uk.

She also blogged about the shoot at her photography blog.