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A quaint seaside village with pubs, shops and mini golf. I grew up here and I have to say that Mundesley is my favourite place in the world. I have fully accepted that I will one day move away from the bright lights of Norwich to bask in the seaside glow of this lovely place. If you find yourself staying in Mundesley then there are loads of high quality bed and breakfasts to stay in. Try The Grange or The Durdans if you are looking for a little bit of luxury. And we can’t forget the hotels. Try the Manor or the Royal. As for things to do there’s a lot on offer. You could go to the beach. Down the slope there is the Mundesley beach cafe, shop and even toilets. And the good news is that dogs aren’t allowed on the main beach front in the summer months. You’ll also find life guards on hand to make you feel safe. It’s a lovely sandy beach, with high cliffs (great for climbing up, but be careful). When the sea is right out then rock pools form, once they’ve been warmed by the sun they make for great paddling. You might even catch a glimpse of the fantastic Mundesley Lifeboat crew. Be sure to give them a wave. If you don’t happen to visit Mundesley in the summer the...

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Although actually in Suffolk, Southwold is only about an hour from Norwich. Pop along if you find yourself with a car and some time to spare. It’s a beautiful beachy resort lined with colourful beach huts. The pier features shops and cafes and a rather weird amusement arcade. This fellow above can be found on the pier at the Under the Pier Show. It’s a weird little place full of alternative slot machines. It’s hilarious and a bit weird. I couldn’t help feel a bit like I was in Rapture (the city in the game Bioshock.) There are various beach huts available to rent or buy. These are a great place to store your stuff during your trip to the beach. It’s also full of the seaside things you’d expect. Such as: Ice cream, post cards, inflatables, seagulls, spades, buckets and the sea. The pier has a lot to offer including accomodation, gift shops (one sells Emma Bridgewater stuff) and a few places to eat. There’s also an impressive water powered clock, which performs on every hour and half an hour. For more on the pier visit:...

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Wroxham Barns

With a farm full of ¬†animals, various craft and gift shops, local produce, cafe and rose centre, Wroxham Barns is a great day out for everyone. I have to confess, despite being an adult, Wroxham Barns, specifically its Junior Farm, is one of my favourite places in Norfolk. It has this relax country air that just makes me feel right at home. Not to mention a whole host of animal residents. From inquisitive sheep to noisy geese it’s a brilliant place to be. If you go in Spring/Summer then you may find yourself face with an array of baby animals. This makes May/June/July the best time of year to visit. There’s also feed on sale so if you are feeling brave you can buy some to feed to the animals. On my last visit there they had the two most¬†enormous pigs I’ve ever seen. Hairy, snorty, beautiful beasts. Alongside Junior Farm there is much more to do. There’s a playground for the kids, comprising of logs, tunnels and a slide. I remember many a funtime had on that playground when I was kid. There’s also Bill LeGrice roses, selling a wide range of roses as well as other plants and shrubs. There’s also the fantastically decadent Fudge Shop, in which I could spend a fortune. And for you local food lovers there is Country Foods. They sell all manner...

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