For as long as I can remember Bacton Woods has been my favourite place to walk. I rode my bike there as a child and since having dogs in the family, I’m always itching for the chance to take one there for a nice, long stroll.

The wood is just two and a half miles outside of North Walsham. It has its own car park, a few waymarked trails for walkers and plenty of Geocaches to find (should you be able to get GPS signal under all the tree cover).

Take a look at the Forestry Commission’s page on the wood for further details.

Let me share with you some photos taken from a recent walk there. Those you see in the pictures are my boyfriend, his sister and her boyfriend. The little dog is Milo.

IMG_2493 IMG_2490

IMG_2523 IMG_2535


IMG_2539 IMG_2537

IMG_2552 IMG_2546