This Cicerone walking book was sent to me to review before Christmas but I’m only getting around to it now! Probably for the best, though, it hasn’t quite been the weather for walkies.

The book is full of walks varying from 4 to 12 miles long, perfect for a day’s stroll.

We went on a five mile walk around the UEA broad. It was unbelievably muddy and I wore inappropriate footwear for such conditions. I’m in dire need of some new hiking boots!

I spent most of my time focusing on not falling over so didn’t get a huge amount of pictures. It was a great walk and we spent some time watching the birds flitting over the broad. We also managed to get a little geocaching in too.




IMG_1996We’ve seen so many herons on our travels but they always fly off before I can get a photo. I was taking photos of seagulls when kid came up to me and said ‘excuse me but there’s a heron over there’ and pointed down the path. So glad he did, I spent ages photographing this guy.IMG_2002

Can’t wait to try more from the book. Hopefully in more hospitable walking conditions. The book is split into different areas of Norfolk so you can choose walks nearest to you. Take a look here for more information.