I’ve been wanting to go to a Bo Nanafana night for a while now and for some reason have never got around to it. I am all for dressing up and dancing and I’d heard great things about these events.

The one we went to on bank holiday Monday has a seventies latin theme to it and some amazing entertainment. I particularly loved the Cuban Brothers and, of course, DJ Craig Charles. Here’s some pictures from the evening.


There were so many good outfits. This is just the group of people I went with. Norwich is a fashionable place and people really know how to dress seventies style. This isn’t a bunch of people just putting on anything they can get their hands on, they treat the affair as seriously as a poker player playing on an all-in round. For more on how awesome Norwich is, take a look at the Bo Nanafana Gallery.


My outfit on the left and the boyfriend’s handlebar moustache on the right. (75% his own facial hair.)


The Cuban Brothers


THE Craig Charles. Never thought I’d be interested to see him but he’s such a character. When the music stopped he managed to keep the crowd going by just having a little chat. (Although in hindsight it may have been a better time to go to the bar. The queues were massive. It took us half an hour, on average, to get drinks.)

The event took place at Open, which is a new venue in Norwich. Other than the difficulty of getting to the bar and the cloakroom, it’s a really nice place. Big and open (!) with a huge stage.

Take a look at the Bo Nanafana website for me details of the events. And take a look at Open’s website to see what else is going on there.

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