In late October, Coast to Coast invited me to try out the new Christmas menu and cocktails. I’ve waited to post this until now because you’re probably starting to think seriously about Christmas and I know full well there are those of you out there who are already feeling festive!


The evening started with hot apple cider but as I was driving (foolish mistake), Andy – the very talented mixologist – made me a wonderful non-alcoholic cocktail using the same flavours. Both were delicious and laced with pumpkin spice syrup.


Andy showed us how to make a mimosa with a twist of Grand Marnier then asked me behind to bar to try making it myself. Despite a minor failure involving some orange peel, it was actually a pretty easy cocktail to make. A shot of Grand Marnier, 50ml orange juice and then topped off with some Prosecco (my favourite!).


I never really liked the idea of eggnogg but the next cocktail on offer changed my mind on this. Wow. I’ll be making plenty of these over Christmas. Raisin-infused rum, cream, vanilla and, of course, an egg.


After a few more cocktails, we sat down to some food. Firstly, two starters, the goats cheese bruschetta bites and mushroom risotto (usually a main course but in miniature form for this event). Both were lovely and considering I wouldn’t choose either if I were eating out, I wolfed them down.


As we ate we were brought some of the Halloween cocktails too because, why not!


Next was the maple bacon burger and most of you will probably know how I feel about burgers by now. I know I’m going to have to go back for the full sized version of this. Coast to Coast’s chips do nothing for me so I’ve been dreaming of this with a hefty portion of sweet potato fries. The sweetness of that maple bacon is a perfect complement to the meaty burger.


Next, a roast dinner. I can eat a lot of food so this whole event was heaven. I believe Coast to Coast were very aware of how much food they were offering and I think we all did well to eat this after the starter and burger. This was a good roast dinner and, honestly, not something I’d expect from this kind of restaurant but they pulled it off really well.


Obligatory Christmas hat photo.


Oh wait, there’s more. Dessert. This pecan pie was amazing but it was nothing compared to…


This was the most statuesque dessert I’ve ever eaten. Thankfully there was a slice of pecan pie and one of these hazelnut chocolate brownie sundae between two of us. I may have eaten most of this, though.


We finished the evening with these fun little snowman cocktails that are perfect for the festive season!


It’s also worth noting, because I didn’t know, that Coast to Coast makes all their food fresh. This comes through in the quality and flavour of each of the dishes. The chef presented each dish to us and his passion and dedication to the food was amazing to see!

If you head to Coast to Coast between now and Christmas, let me know what you think of the Christmas menu!


Coast to Coast

Unit 5B, Riverside Leisure Park

Tel: 01603 765990