fever fitnessBrowsing through my Norwich Spreebook the other day I was pleased to see a rather large section full of health and fitness offers. One which caught my eye was D13 – a complimentary class with Fever Fitness Norwich. I do quite a lot of fitness stuff, but this is usually at home or on the road, so to go and do it in a room full of other people sounded fun.

I chose the Fever Fitness circuit class which is held at Sprowston High School from 6.30pm on a Tuesday evening, contacted Matt on Facebook and was all booked in. So yesterday I made sure I had a load of water throughout the day, then headed off to the school for a sweaty circuit class.

Fever Fitness

The Fever Fitness circuit training class is held in a big gymnasium which was all ready with equipment laid out when I got there. At Matt’s suggestion I had a walk around to look at the different exercises we’d be doing, and he explained all the ones I was not familiar with. The class got going with a warm up before setting to work on the three circuits. Each of the circuits is repeated three times. The first round you do each exercise for 60 seconds, the next for 45 seconds, the next for 30 seconds, with no rest.

Fever Fitness Circuit Training Class

Warm up:
1min skipping, 1 suicide run (x3)
5 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 15 squats (repeat as many times as poss in 2 mins)

Circuit 1:
Mountain Climbers
Suicide Runs

Circuit 2:
Squat & Press

Circuit 3:
Shuttle Runs
Medicine Ball Sit-ups
Lateral Raises (resistance band)

Cool Down:
Stretching & Water!

Matt was happy to offer beginner alternatives for those exercises I couldn’t manage and more advanced options for those who were breezing through. After each completed circuit there was a very brief opportunity for water, before getting straight onto the next circuit. Even after the warm-up I was sweating, by the end of the class I was a wreck! I do feel a bit mean – at one point Matt asked how I was doing and I think my response was “You are an evil sadist!”. Still, I got a lot of Fitocracy points for the workout so I’m happy in the long run! Today I feel satisfactorily sore, and can’t wait to go again.

The Fever Fitness class is a fairly even split of men and women and there are people of all abilities there. The atmosphere is fantastic and everyone is so encouraging. I’m used to having to keep myself motivated during a workout, it was lovely having other people cheer me on for a change!

Fever Fitness circuit classes are £5 a session. They’re on a break for Christmas, but start again on January 8th. If you want to book (and you really should!) contact Matt on 07956 018992.