Of the many reasons to visit Norfolk, the coast may not stand out to people who aren’t as familiar with the area. When people think of the nicest coastal areas around Britain, it’s naturally some of the southern beaches and beach towns that get the most attention. Weather can be fairly forbidding for much of the year the farther north you go, so it makes perfect sense that the southern beaches can have more of a natural appeal.

Despite this, the Norfolk area has a lot of lovely coast that appeal to travellers year-round, and on top of that various other attractions – some natural, some not – that people can enjoy. To further this point, we’re taking a brief look at five things in particular tourists might enjoy on the coasts of Norfolk.

1. Enjoy Great Beaches

We shouldn’t get too creative here to forget the main attraction: the beaches! There are several truly beautiful and relaxing options around Norfolk, and if you’re visiting you would do well to explore a few of them. Sea Palling Beach is perhaps the most traditional if you want to lay out on the sand and go swimming in safe waters. Horsey Beach has a reputation for feeling somewhat untouched and natural. Bacton Beach is lovely for a long walk, whether on the sand or the accompanying walkway. And Sheringham Beach may be the prettiest and most enjoyable of the bunch – more of a rocky beach, but one with striking cliff surroundings and a stretch of cafés and small attractions to keep you entertained.

2. Explore The AONB

“AONB,” for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation, stands for “Area of Natural Beauty,” and there’s one designated in the North of Norfolk. Comprising its own coastline, it’s known for beaches, cliffs, marshlands, and dunes, and is beautiful to explore. Just to note, some of the above-listed beaches are contained within the AONB, but even if you’re not specifically searching for your stretch of sand, this is a must-see area.

3. Go Stargazing

One of the things that makes some of the natural land and coastline of Norfolk so nice to explore is that it’s all very natural, and relatively untouched compared to some more densely populated coastal destinations. And another benefit of this is that Norfolk happens to be home to some of Europe’s best stargazing. Far enough from the biggest English cities to avoid their light pollution, and not too populated in and of itself to add much more, Norfolk is a rare perfect storm of sorts for nighttime visibility. It’s perfectly accessible yet leads to wondrous viewing.

4. Check Out The Casinos

The casino business around the UK has shifted quite a bit over the last 15 years or so, and it’s clear why. Online casinos in the UK were born in 2005 once they were made legal and have since spread and improved in all kinds of interesting ways. As a result, some, you might imagine, have come to prefer them to the real thing. The real thing hasn’t been eradicated, however, and a handful of local casinos are among Norfolk’s attractions aside from the natural wonders of the land. Any of them can make for a nice way to mix some casual entertainment into a more outdoors-oriented vacation to the area.

5. Eat Some Crab

For another attraction that goes beyond simply exploring and enjoying the land, you can actually enjoy the fruits of the surrounding sea – which is to say, more specifically, partake of the local crab! As was pointed out in a broader review of Norfolk cuisine, there are lobsters and crabs to be eaten minutes from the sea, which naturally results in extremely fresh dishes and very high-quality meat. In terms of local meals you can enjoy around the UK, Norfolk crab is pretty high on the list of recommendations.

What are your favourite things to do on the Norfolk coast?