Earlier this week we went out for a spot of Geocaching. This time taking in a trail of caches based around the Tasburgh/Newton Flotman area of the Bouddica Way, south of Norwich. We found around 10 caches and saw all manner of beautiful horses.

The reason for this was that the trail for these caches takes you through Redwings Horse Sanctuary. We had so much fun search for caches along this trail. They were all relatively easy ones to find but the area was pretty and sometimes it’s nice to do a few easy caches.

IMG_5844 IMG_5845

There’s also another cache you can pick up on the route called Muddy Paws.

We also met a very friendly cat who I believe belongs to Redwings. He/she came up and gave us a bit of a fuss and we spent a few minutes basking in the glow of a pretty black cat. We couldn’t help ourselves, we’re cat people.
IMG_5852 IMG_5859
Here’s the link to the Geocaching page for the first cache along the way. It gives you the coordinates to the best place to park (which happens to be a layby on the A140). The geocaching trail doesn’t end back at the car park. I wouldn’t recommend walking up along the side of the road, instead you can walk up the adjacent field. Do that, it’s a horrible busy road.

If you are interested in walking the entirety of the Bouddica Way then take a look at the map below. It starts in the south of Norwich and goes all the way down to Diss.

Click the image to view the PDF map