Last weekend we decided to do some Geocaching. If you don’t know what it is then please visit, I swear you will be hooked. It is essentially a bit of treasure hunting and a great way to explore the county (although it is worldwide).

We found a few caches around Little/Great Melton just South of Norwich. I’m not going to go too much into the specifics as not to give away where the caches are but the whole route was about 4.5 miles around fields and woodland.



Little Melton church and its ruined tower, there’s a little spot to park here.


My first foray into map reading. It’s difficult.


Our first cache of the day.


And we took a Geocoin to move on to a new home.


Our GPS sent us on a wild goose chase through brambles, ivy, trees and a lot of sticks. Geocache was nowhere to be seen, I went off to take pictures and found it on my own. I was smug.



One of the caches was a gallery, loads of pictures left by geocachers, I left a picture I’d taken of Cromer lighthouse.



Much to my joy there was a pirate-themed cache.

We took a travel bug, it’s still in our possession.

We then headed to back to Norwich and settled for the afternoon in the Fat Cat Tap for a lot of ale. More on that in another post.