Thursday evening I had the pleasure of attending a circuit training session in North Walsham. Tim is the gym-free PT and runs these classes – as well as others – multiple times per week. If you are looking for circuit training North Walsham, then this is the one for you!

I went to the 7pm session and on this particular evening there were 15 stations with exercises such as kettle bell swings, mountain climbers, wall sit, Russian twists and squat kicks.

We started with a quick run around the studio and some dynamic stretches before getting started. The first circuit was one minute on each exercise and I was starting to struggle by the 10th station. Once we’d all done each station we had a one minute water break before going again. This time it was 45 seconds per exercise. The final circuit was 30 seconds per exercise.


Each class is no bigger than 12 people and that means that Tim can monitor what everyone is doing. He walks round during the circuits and will help you with each exercise. These might be modifications to make them easy/harder or comments on your form. This is invaluable and not something you get from larger circuit training classes.

As well as circuit training Tim also offers personal training and gym sessions. Because the studio isn’t a gym, it means that it isn’t full of people at all times. During personal training sessions you are the only person there and everyone who attends the gym gets their own personalised fitness plan.


Here I am doing the kettle bell swings.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to work out, I would really recommend this studio. Especially if you are a little gym-shy and want a very individual service.

Circuit training is £4 a session but there are plenty of price plans and memberships that mean you pay much less.

Gym Free PT
North Walsham