Norfolk is full of outstanding breweries but that’s not to say we don’t need more! I recently went and tasted some of the beers and spirits from Wildcraft Brewery, the new kids on the block who are crowdfunding to be able to turn an old barn into a brewery and distillery.

The thing that sets Wildcraft apart is the fact that it forages for its ingredients. And I’m not talking about hoardes of people combing the Norfolk countryside of all the tasty bits, this is a handful of passionate, dedicated people who want to bring local flavours to local beers.

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The sour raspberry beer is particularly wonderful I really enjoyed the Wild Eye PA (I love that pun) too. As well as a range of six beers, there’s also spirits full of the flavours of foraged goodies such as raspberries and apples.

Here’s a sneak peak at just three of the six beers on offer.