A home on the coast is something many people dream of owning. While not everyone can live by the seaside, anyone can use the Norfolk coast as the inspiration for their own home’s interior design, making for a cheerful retreat for family and friends to enjoy. Here are some tips for bringing the coast to your home.

A palette of blues

If you love the sea, blue may be one of your favourite colours. Consider painting one wall of a room blue and leaving the others white. This can add dramatic contrast and perhaps even highlight a wall that has a window with a great view. There is a wide range of blue tones, many of which are soothing and complementary to other colours. To create a light and airy feel to your home, avoid darker shades of blue.

Tasteful splashes of colour

Beach style is known for its soft pastels and bright colour accents. A more neutral room consisting of mostly blues and whites can benefit from throw pillows or end tables in a vibrant, contrasting hue. Splashes of colour add interest and personality to a room.

Driftwood décor and seashells

Using driftwood for décor is an environmentally friendly way to add coastal inspiration to your home. There are many items being made from driftwood these days. Quaint wooden carvings, clocks, lamps, and picture frames are all available at a reasonable cost, and a driftwood mirror can make an interesting statement in a bathroom.

Seashells also make for beautiful and affordable accent pieces. When they are shaped right, they can even be used as potpourri bowls, soap dishes, or jewellery containers. Beautiful picture frames can also be made from shells. Such décor allows you to bring a real part of the British coast to your home.

A light and airy atmosphere

Many people visit the coast for the sunshine and sea air. Shutters have long been the choice of coastal homes for controlling the flow of both. In addition to being an attractive detail on many styles of homes, they are also functional pieces that allow for better use of natural light and airflow in your home, providing greater comfort and sometimes even lower energy bills.


Many beach houses have elegant palm ceiling fans. While they often don’t have lights attached to them, you can always buy a light kit to install if you need more light in the room. In general, go for simple and efficient fans, and avoid large chandeliers in smaller spaces so as not to overwhelm the sense of space in the room.

Coastal patio furniture

Enjoy warm afternoons with outdoor furniture that evokes a sense of the coast. Woods such as teak make a fashionable yet durable choice for tables and chairs, and some nautical themed cushions would help complete the coastal look of your home.

If a seaside beach house isn’t in the budget, bring the Norfolk Coast to your home with these simple, affordable tips. Just add a beach-inspired candle, and you may even be able to hear the waves crashing on the shore when you’re finished.