At the edge of Norfolk there is a bright and airy recording studio that is a huge leap away from the dark and dingy view of a recording studio that most of us have.

Grange Farm Studio is set in the Fenlands with views across green fields. It does what you’d expect any recording studio to do and so much more as well.

There’s a beautiful double height live room with huge windows, the perfect inspiration for any musician. There’s also a dead room for any vocal or instruments that require a drier sound. And there’s the control room, where the magic happens. Even the control room has loads of natural light, no more mixing in the dark. It has all the hightech gear you’d expect and some talented engineers to go with it.

If you are looking to record at the studio then there’s the option of staying there. The studio can easily cater for locals and bands from afar. There’s places to sleep, a lounge, Sky TV and all the fields you could possibly want to walk through.

They’ve recently opened their leisure centre which features a swimming pool and hot tub. The perfect luxury for residential clients.

And they don’t just cater for bands. If you, or your kids, fancy yourselves as a bit of a singer, diva, comedian, guitar player then a great day out would be one of the recording parties. Over two hours you’ll get the chance to record your favourite songs and there’s also party food and drink provided by the studio!

As an important part of the local music industry Grange Farm Studio arranges a get together called ‘The Hangout’. It’s a networking session for anyone musical and a great way to meet people.

For more information on Grange Farm Studio or The Hangout please visit or call 01945 430265.