Having an office so near this place means that I happily get to pop in most days. I have openly expressed my love for Mustard Coffee Bar on Twitter, you can’t visit one place multiple times a week and no be completely in love.

Mustard Coffee Bar cake

Let’s start with the cake. I went through a stage of never eating cake (as part of a healthy diet that involved a lot of exercise), I soon discovered Mustard’s cakes and as soon as I realised that having the occasional one wouldn’t lead to me putting back on a load of weight, I was hooked.

Mustard Coffee Norwich

Banana chocolate cake

I can vouch for the banana chocolate cake, anything that mentions banoffee, and the lemon meringue pie. All are delicious and it excites me whenever I see a new flavour because I’m always pretty sure it’s going to be delicious.

Sandwiches and soup

Mustard Coffee Norwich does sandwiches right. There’s a number to choose from in the chiller or you can have one made to your specifications. I particularly like the Hottie. In winter there’s a different type of soup on everyday. There’s the flavours you’d expect along with some really interesting and different ones too.


Every day there’s a couple of specials up on the blackboard. A few weeks ago I went for the mac and cheese with bacon. It was heavenly. Very cheesy with great big chunks of bacon thrown in for good measure. Proper winter food.

Mustard coffee Norwich food


Mustard is know for its coffee. Everything is roasted in house and there are plenty of different types of drinks on offer. The staff are self-confessed coffee geeks! On the topic their website says: “We pride ourselves on our coffee, which is why we have created our own unique house blend (Mustard Art Coffee), which is roasted on site by us and made by a fully trained barista. We are a friendly bunch, and always keen to help you find the perfect drink!”

Mustard Coffee Bar Norwich

3 Bridewell Alley, Norwich, Norfolk

01603 630077