natural beauty products by Palm & SoleI’ve recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the gorgeous Palm & Sole range of natural beauty products. They’ve been created by local aromatherapist Kathy Webb, who wanted to create a luxury range of natural skincare. She has done just that and I’m very impressed.

Before I give you my own review, you have the chance to win an Intense Balm of your choice just by following on Twitter or liking on Facebook. The competition ends when they both reach 100 followers/likes.

There are various different products and each one comes in four different options:

Neroli, grapefruit and a hint of rosemary will balance and harmonise the senses whilst working perfectly for dry and mature skin.

Frankinsense, Patchouli and a bit of ginger works well on dry and dehydrated skin. The scent will also help to relax and calm you.

Bergamot, melissa and rosemary will uplift and revive you whilst working wonders for dry skin.

A simple mix of palmarosa, pure Norfolk and Swedish beeswax is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

The Intense Balms really steal the show, they are versatile little tubs of wonder that can be used on face, body, hands and feet. A little bit can soothe dry skin and there’s nothing in them that Palm & Sole don’t tell you about. Nothing to aggravate skin, clog pores or damage the environment, just beautiful, natural ingredients.

If you want to have a sniff and a try for yourself then pop over to Jarrold’s where there’s a lovely Palm & Sole display in the beauty section. Take a look at for further information.

The products can also be purchased online from Jarrold’s.