Over the weekend I was lucky enough to be invited along to No1 Boot Camp by Travel Supermarket. With 18 other fashion/beauty bloggers, I went along to review the experience for Feeling Stylish. Luckily, though, the boot camp was in Norfolk so it just made sense to share a bit about it here too.

Based at a secret location in Norfolk (a fair few celebrities visit so they don’t disclose the location. I didn’t know where I was going until a few days before), the camp is primarily centred around weight loss but a lot of people visit to improve their fitness levels too. I can tell you that it’s not far from Kings Lynn.


The location is utterly beautiful but when you’re working out as hard as we did you barely get a chance to notice it. However, we went on a number of walks, which gave me a chance to sing the praises of my county to the bloggers who had never visited before.









We were very lucky to have  beautiful weather for the whole weekend. I imagine a lot of this area gets very muddy when it rains so if you do fancy No1 Boot Camp I’d suggest packing a lot of changes of clothes and some waterproof shoes.


The house was beautiful. Everything was very basic but we had everything we needed. There was a lounge, dining room, reception area with sofas, kitchen stocked with various herbal and fruit teas and plenty of different room types. There are larger rooms with multiple beds for those who want to save a bit of money and don’t mind sharing. There are also single and double/twin rooms with en suites too.

There was also a gym equipped with weights, kettlebells, mats, spin bikes, stationary bikes and probably lots more I didn’t get a chance to look at.



The lounge and Craig, one of the trainers.



Resident dog, Holly.


Me relaxing on the sofa in the conservatory


Another resident dog, Pepper.

It’s not a boutique boot camp, there’s no frills to the accommodation and the water has a tendency to go cold if everyone wants to shower at the same time. However, there is everything you might need for a long or short stay. The beds were comfortable and on the second night I slept better than I have in a long while.


As you’d expect the workouts were intense. I don’t think we were worked as hard as the paying bootcampers were but it was really tough. We did things like carrying a ‘gun’ made of logs and tyres for a mile, various circuits, cross-fit-type workouts, boxing and tyre flipping. Not to mention a seven mile hike and various other little walks.


The Gun Run – Photo by boot camp photographer, Jez


Photo by boot camp photographer, Jez


Photo by boot camp photographer, Jez




Ice baths for sore muscles. These were non-optional and VERY cold but they worked!


Yep, that’s me flipping a 120kg tyre.





A typical day.

The food

The food was truly amazing and although there wasn’t much of it, I would come back just to eat all this again.






I wasn’t really prepared for how little food there was. I eat a fair bit because I workout a lot. The food at No1 Boot Camp amounts to 1200 calories a day for women and 1400 calories for men. They are happy to accommodate dietary requirements. A lot of our party were vegetarian, a few didn’t eat dairy and there were some allergies to take into consideration. The kitchen and Pete, the chef, dealt with it all admirably.

The people

The trainers at No1 Boot Camp were amazing. Truly inspirational. A lot of our sessions were led by Craig who shared his own weight loss story with us. We were also trained by Will and Ali. All of them pushed us to our absolute limits and I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I did on that boxing hurricane.

Paula, the house mummy, was on hand to motivate us and dish out hugs where needed. Pete, I’ve already mentioned, was the chef and kept us fuelled for the days of exercise.

We also had the pleasure of meeting some amazing bootcampers who had been there for weekend on end. Their determination, mental strength and fitness was so inspiring.


Just a few of the amazing bloggers I had the pleasure of having my arse kicked with.


Craig giving us a nutrition/fitness talk. I’ll be sharing those tips with you on Feeling Stylish in the next couple of days.

The verdict

Amazing, inspirational, difficult. It’s hard to articulate how I feel about this weekend. I hurt, it was hard but I’ve come away with a new-found appreciation for fitness and the lifestyle I’ve been leading. It’s nice to find out that I’m relatively fit and to also be pushed to my absolute max.

If you are overweight, looking to get fit or just want a challenge, I would 100% recommend No1 Boot Camp. I got to go to the Norfolk one but they also run camps in London, Marbella and Ibiza.

The prices vary depending on how long you stay, which camp you go to and your room type. Travel Supermarket paid for my place on this weekend camp as part of their Holiday Health Club campaign, however, this has not affected my review. All opinions are my own.

A day boot camp including breakfast, lunch and dinner in Norfolk is £99. A weekend starts from £450. A full week starts from £995.

No1 Boot Camp
0208 524 3430
07976 220364