For the last few New Year’s the boyfriend and I have tried to be too cunning with our plans. Most recently, going off to Scotland or taking part in one of my mum’s legendary parties, both of those turned out to be pretty dreadful for all sorts of reasons.

That’s why we decided that going to our favourite pub and drinking wonderful ale with good people would be a much better idea.

We’d decided to go to the Fat Cat Brewery Tap before we even knew what the plans were for the evening. Turns out we were in for a treat.

Out £12.50 ticket got us some amazing music from The Planks – a soulful bluesy type band, lots of nibbles and an amazing atmosphere. It was rather full, though, you could barely move but all that added to the charm.

IMG_6685As always, there were a number of amazing ales on offer. I can’t drink ale all night so I hopped (see what I did there) between that, cider, whiskey, and water all night.

IMG_6702These rather wonderful horns were handed out just before midnight and we honked our way into 2013.


For those of you interested in my sartorial efforts, I wore a Vivien of Holloway Cheetah dress. The hottest (as in warmest) way to see in the new year, squished up against all those people.

IMG_6711Come 2am we headed into the night to begin our 30 minute walk home. We never got there…

This was taken at 5am, January 1st. Ben broke his leg on the walk home and we hightailed it to A&E. More details on that over at my fashion blog.

Despite the broken leg and spending all of New Year’s Day at the hospital, we still believe that was the best New Year’s Eve we’ve ever had. We got to spend time with some amazing people, listen to great music, drink fine ale, eat pineapple and cheese on sticks, and I got to wear a pretty dress.

If you are interested in the broken leg saga, then take a look at #legtales on Twitter.