When I got invited to a new lobster restaurant in West Runton I began to wonder why I’d never had lobster before. Looking at the menu, however, and knowing the crustaceans were caught just off the North Norfolk coast in the restaurant’s own boat made me very eager to try.

IMG_9804The restaurant is tucked away just off the main coast road and is centred around a beautiful old kiln. There’s ample outdoor seating and the interior is simple and modern with plenty of blankets and cushions for anyone who likes to be supercomfy.

IMG_9787It’s worth mentioning that the restaurant is unlicensed but you’re welcome to bring your own wine (or alcoholic beverage of choice) for £1 per person. I hear Chardonnay goes well with lobster. For those of you who fancy a soft drink, there are plenty on offer.

IMG_9789The menu itself is beautiful in its simplicity. The crab and lobster are caught by the Anna Gail off the Norfolk coast, it doesn’t get much more local than that. Go for a half or whole lobster fully prepared for you as either a salad or with chips and garlic butter.

IMG_9793As with anything local, the menu changes depending on the season so you can get the freshest, tastiest food. Check out the website for details.

IMG_9791I visited at the end of summer and went for half a lobster with salad. Despite being a little wary of eating food that looks like the animal it once was, I was pleasantly surprised! Lobster is as delicious as I’ve been led to believe. The flavour is much like crab but much meatier.

The salad and new potatoes were absolutely delicious but allowed the lobster to shine, as it should in a restaurant that sells itself on its local shellfish.

IMG_9798Dessert was just as good. I have the Runton mess and my other half had the lemon posset. Both were a great way to finish the meal, even though we were both very full!

IMG_9803If you’re looking to eat somewhere a little different with friendly staff, great prices and local food, you can’t go wrong with Rocky Bottoms. I throughly enjoyed my meal and will most certainly be going back.

Rocky Bottoms
Cromer Road, West Runton, Norfolk, NR27 9QA