This show is a collaboration between Wildworks Theatre and the Norfolk and Norwich Festival. It’s set in the grounds of Felbrigg Hall and it couldn’t be a better setting for this spectacular fairytale. Wolf’s Child explores the relationship between humans and the wild world. I don’t want to tell you too much about it because stepping into the unknown is part of the fun. 

You’ll get to explore Felbrigg as the sun sets and you’re led through this amazing story. There are fantastic sets built into the trees and the whole thing is such as immersive experience. You become part of the story, feeling for the characters in ways you just can’t when you’re sitting in a theatre. 

The whole thing is completely enchanting and enthraling, from the dialogue and music through to the fantastic setting of Felbrigg Hall’s grounds. 

There’s still time to book your tickets for this amazing show as it’s on until the 23rd May. You can book here. 

Once the run has ended I’ll do a full review because I can’t wait to pour out my feelings regarding this show, the way it was performed and the music! 

Oh, and remember to stick to the middle of the path!