Guest post from the lovely Ali from Bunn the Baker.

Finding things to do with the kids can be really hard. You’ve got to choose something the little ones can do which won’t bore the older ones and which you can put up with too. I’m lucky enough to live really close to Funky’s in Norwich which claims to be Norfolk’s only purpose built roller skating rink and boasts a three floor play area too.

I got the opportunity to visit Funky’s over the Christmas holiday with my four-year-old daughter and nine-year-old step-daughter. Inside was quite dark and a little run down and the soft play area is huge, covering half the room up to the roof. We sat in the cafe area and ordered some drinks and chips whilst the girls clambered about. There seemed to be loads of people eating and drinking and there was a birthday party there too – good to know for the 5th Birthday I need to organise in March.

The hired skates looked a bit tatty, but they did the job. The older of the two children fearlessly skated into the rink and zoomed round and round happily. I found the whole thing much harder, and our youngest really struggled. Their Dad was too scared to try but it was good to have him to grab onto when I felt my wheels rolling away from under me! The littlest of us soon picked up the basics and managed, with some help, to go round the rink a few times. The staff were all quite young but were pretty good and kept checking we were all OK. The whole skating experience wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I’ve been back with the little one since then and it’s amazing how quickly kids pick up these skills. This time we went for the cheap skate option on a Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed how quiet it was. The staff were really helpful when there was a bit of a tumble and I can definitely see us going regularly after school.

All in all Funky’s is a perfect place to take the children. It keeps everyone entertained, isn’t too expensive and event counts as exercise!

They do lots of different promotions throughout the week including cheap skating on Wednesdays and help learning to skate on Thursdays.

Funky’s is located on Spar Road, Norwich, NR6 6AX
01603 403220