Although actually in Suffolk, Southwold is only about an hour from Norwich. Pop along if you find yourself with a car and some time to spare.

It’s a beautiful beachy resort lined with colourful beach huts. The pier features shops and cafes and a rather weird amusement arcade.



This fellow above can be found on the pier at the Under the Pier Show. It’s a weird little place full of alternative slot machines. It’s hilarious and a bit weird. I couldn’t help feel a bit like I was in Rapture (the city in the game Bioshock.)


There are various beach huts available to rent or buy. These are a great place to store your stuff during your trip to the beach.


It’s also full of the seaside things you’d expect. Such as: Ice cream, post cards, inflatables, seagulls, spades, buckets and the sea.


The pier has a lot to offer including accomodation, gift shops (one sells Emma Bridgewater stuff) and a few places to eat. There’s also an impressive water powered clock, which performs on every hour and half an hour.

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