Surely the most delicious and diverse type of takeaway is a cultural one. Enter Takeaway Art, a concept devised by Norfolk-based graphic designer Alina Sandu. Customers are introduced to a new artist each and every month, learning about them and their career before receiving an original piece of their art, neatly boxed up like your Friday night pizza. Come on, the novelty value alone is worth it.

We at Love Norfolk think this is a wonderful way of boosting promising artists’ careers. Although gaining recognition has become simpler due to cheap blogging and websites like Etsy, it’s still difficult for artists to get their work seen, not to mention funded. As Sandu herself says, “Norwich has a fantastic arts community with oodles of undiscovered talent… this will be a great way to find those artists a wider audience.”


Founder Alina Sandu

Customers are able to buy a rolling subscription for just £28.50 per month, but they also have the option of buying for three, six, or twelve months all at once, with the price decreasing the longer the subscription. You can even opt out of receiving a particular artists’ work with just a few clicks, and after nine or ten boxes have been received, customers can partake in a swap in which they return a piece in exchange for a new one.

Just think; supporting local talent, having beautiful art on your walls, and possessing something that could one day prove extremely valuable… it sounds like a brilliant deal to us. Congratulations to Alina for coming up with an idea that will benefit Norfolk artists and art lovers alike.

Visit the Takeaway Art website for more information, or contact Alina directly at