Tim James, who runs The Gray Gallery blog, has kindly allowed me to use his photograph and a few words here to illustrate the beauty of Norfolk.

Not for no reason is Norfolk often described as the land of the big sky. With so many opportunities for uninterrupted views across stunning vistas – both inland and on the coast – the sky can dominate the landscape and present the photographer with the chance to play with composition ‘rules’ and alter the balance between foreground detail and the space above. This shot – taken in Blakeney harbour on a cold but glorious late autumn day – saw the jet-streams of numerous airliners jostling for position with billowing cloud formations, all reflected in the creek water below, and with the camera picking up the subtle shadows in every rivulet in the estuary sand. Equipment: Canon 1DS MkII. Settings: 1/80 sec, f22 at 17mm. ISO 100

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