To celebrate my other half’s new job I decided to take him for dinner (how modern) at first he decided on Nandos and the cinema. But on the way back from The Doghouse he walked past the Last Wine Bar. He arrived home as I was putting on orange lipstick and told me that was where he wanted to go.

To be safe we booked a table but when we arrived we were the only people in the restaurant, at 7pm. It lacked a bit of atmosphere but we weren’t bothered by it, it was a Tuesday evening after all.

The wine menu was wonderful, so much choice – as you’d expect from a wine bar – the wines were separated into the countries where they were from and there were little maps. Great for someone – me – who isn’t great with geography.

I settled on a Savignon Blanc and was then told there were different varieties. I asked for a recommendation and there was no hesitation, no lack of knowledge, the waiter told me the French one was the most popular. I went with that. Ben chose a Shiraz.

Our wine was delivered and we ordered. Some bread was brought to our table along with a little saucer of olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping.

To start I had the duck foie gras terrine with sour dough bread and Ben had a goats cheese filo parcel. Both were amazing. I’m not going to claim to know loads and loads about food. I know how to cook and I know what I like but I am by no means a chef. But, I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my food. I’ve wanted to try foie gras for a while, despite the obvious ethical issues with it. It was delicious, very strong tasting but perfectly complimented by the orange marmalade that accompanied it. The only criticism, there could’ve been more bread to go with it.

Ben had the steak for his main course. He asked for it rare and it came perfectly cooked, the sauce with it was smokey and wonderful. I had the open ravioli with creamed spinach and butternut squash. Again, a delicious meal. There was a creamy sauce around it which was ever so slightly sweet, like eating melted ice cream. It certainly wasn’t unpleasant just was a surprise to the taste buds. It didn’t take us long to wolf it all down while sipping wine and talking about web development.

One of my pet hates is when a waiter comes over says ‘is everything okay?’ just as you’ve taken a mouthful or are in the middle of a meaningful conversation. Not here, half way through our main the waiter came over and said ‘sorry to interrupt but I wanted to check everything was okay’. I think Ben and I swooned.

I’d already chosen the dessert I wanted before I’d ordered anything. I knew I was going for the banana bread and butter pudding. Ben went for a ginger cake with coffee ice cream.

I’ve never had bread and butter pudding before. It never appealed to me because I thought it was just bread and butter (forgive me) but I’d been assured that wasn’t the case and with the addition of banana I was up for trying something new.

It was moist, squidgey, banana-ey and all sorts of wonderful. There was a lot of it and it was quite sickly but that didn’t stop me from eating all of it. I didn’t try Ben’s ginger cake because I’m not a fan of anything gingery (or anything coffee flavoured for that matter) but I am assured it was also delicious.

For two large glasses of wine and two three course meals the whole thing came to £67 without tip.

A wonderful place with a varied menu and courteous staff. Well worth a look.

The Last Wine Bar
& Restaurant,
76 St George’s St, Norwich,

Tel: 01603 626626