The Retreat JarroldsI decided to head over to Jarrold’s during my lunch break for a spot of reflexology. It’s one of those treatments that always leaves me feeling wonderful afterwards. Work had been a little stressful, I felt a cold coming on and I have a gym-related injury. I just needed to relax.

I booked an hour-long appointment with Kathy (who also happens to be the founder of Palm & Sole, so I know her well) for some reflexology so I could get my grove back.

The Retreat is through the beauty department of the store and down some stairs. It was lit with candles and there were rose petals scattered on the floor. I was taken into a small room and the treatment began.

The Retreat Norwich

One of the massage chairs downstairs before the treatment rooms

I’ve had reflexology with Kathy before and this experience was just as great. She used oils tailored to my mood and I was so relaxed I had a bit of a doze.

Reflexology fascinates me because not only is it relaxing but it’s amazing what a bit of pressure on the right part of your foot can fix. I was suffering a little with a chest injury I picked up at the gym a few weeks ago. ┬áKathy mentioned afterwards that the top of my foot was a little crunchy, but she fixed it so my chest should feel better. I don’t know how this works but it feels fine now!

I’d highly recommend checking out Jarrold’s for the great shopping but also the The Retreat. It’s reasonably priced and the therapists are brilliant.

1-11 London Street

Tel: 01603 660661