Unthank Supper Club

Photo by @UnthankSupper

When I suggested we go to the Unthank Supper Club for dinner one evening, my husband was confused. I explained to him, it’s half-way between a dinner party and a restaurant, also known as an underground restaurant. Basically, someone who loves cooking and entertaining throws a dinner party for people they don’t know, who make a donation to cover the costs (in our case £25pp) and take their own wine. He was skeptical, but went along with the idea anyway.

So, one Saturday evening we found ourselves driving out south of Norwich for Supper in the Sticks. Clarissa’s house is absolutely gorgeous, so homely and a huge roaring fire blasting out heat to accompany the eclectic background music. For our evening there were just two couples and our hostess though evenings often have 10 or more diners. We sat round a  table beautifully decorated with candles and mismatched china to await our 6 course Vietnamese meal.

The food was amazing. Everything tasted so fresh. I won’t go into too much detail about the food (I don’t want to spoil the excitement for future guests) but summer rolls were wolfed down, I thought there was going to be a fight over the beef wrapped in betel leaf and the king prawn skewers were out of this world. Clarissa managed to have a drink and a nibble with us every now and then between cooking courses and conversation flowed as fast as the wine.

We had a fantastic evening, if this were Come Dine With Me I have no doubt that The Unthank Supper Club would be receiving 10’s all round.

Visit their website to check for availability (they hold supper clubs in Norwich, East Harling and London) then email Clarissa to book. Absolutely worth every penny, and some.