With the sun making regular appearances now we thought the time was ideal for a trip to Thrigby Hall. I hadn’t been there for about 20 years (a length of time my 6 year old daughter can’t really comprehend) so was excited to see how things have changed. Jess went to Thrigby Hall a couple of years ago and took some amazing photographs which mine, unfortunately, cannot compete with! So today I thought I’d tell you a bit more about the experience we had as a family visiting the Wildlife Gardens.

Thrigby Hall Alligator

Finding Thrigby Hall was pretty easy with signposts along the major routes. There is plenty of free parking and we found our car a nice, shady spot. On entry we were given a map of the grounds and began to explore. We started off in the forest area where we saw some scary looking alligators, some snakes and some very bright birds. It was really exciting to be so close to the animals, luckily the alligators were behind a sturdy piece of glass!

A personal highlight was seeing the tigers on the treetop walk. A double layer of fencing is all that sits between you and these huge cats. They seemed really happy just lying there soaking up the sun.

Thrigby Hall Tiger

One of my favourite things about Thrigby Hall is that not all the animals are locked away. There are plenty of open aviaries and gardens where you can really get up close to the animals. The Willow Pattern garden full of cranes and terrapins was just wonderful! We also loved watching all the different types of monkeys swinging around too.

Thrigby Hall Reticulated PythonThe absolute best moment was underneath the swamp house where we saw the two reticulated pythons being fed. The keeper chucked in a dead rabbit with the pair fought over before the larger one swallowed it whole! Fascinating to watch (that’s the bunny’s feet you can see sticking out of the python’s mouth), although I did feel sorry for the little one who suffered a rather nasty looking bite.

Thrigby Hall PlaygroundAside from the animals Thrigby Hall has some really fantastic playground areas for the kids full of climbing frames and ropes. We got some drinks from the little cafe (which is cash only by the way, so make sure you take some coins!) which were a little pricey, but that’s to be expected from an attraction like this. Thrigby Hall welcomes visitors with picnics and there was no shortage of families spread out on the grass with sausage rolls and strawberries.

The gift shop (which is obviously the most important bit for my kid!) had a really good range of products including local, fair trade and the plastic tat the children love. I was pleased to add another fridge magnet to our collection and Ashleigh was happy to get a Thrigby Hall pen – with four colours in it!

Thrigby HallOur day at Thrigby Hall was fantastic. You could easily spend the whole day there exploring the many exhibits and play areas. Tickets for this season are £12.50 for adults and £9.50 for children aged 4 – 14 – there is also a voucher on their website which you can print to get £1 off per person. If you live close by I’d really recommend getting a season pass (which are £30 for adults and £20 for kids) as the park is open all year round so you’ll easily get your money’s worth on it!

If you make it to Thrigby Hall this summer do let us know what you think.