While I don’t claim to know a great deal about birds, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy watching and photographing them. So when I was invited to go along to the RSPB Titchwell reserve, I hastily prepared my cameras and cold-weather gear. As it turned out, it was a beautiful day that was far from cold and saw us lounging in the sunshine to eat lunch.


IMG_3369It’s such a beautiful landscape of both fresh and salt water. These mud flats are a great habitat for all kinds of waders.


IMG_3361Walk through the reserve and you get to the beach, which is all big skies and flat sands with a bank of grassy dunes.


IMG_3209This little snipe was preening itself in the bank near the main hide. It was so well camouflaged that we kept losing it every time we glanced away.

IMG_3162It’s not often you see a lapwing just walking around, it was a nice reminder of that pretty head crest and iridescent green plumage.

IMG_3156Still not sure if this is a bar-tailed or black-tailed godwit.

IMG_3100The teals slurp their way through the flats to feed, making a really sweet little sound that’s quite loud when you get a few of them doing it in front of you.

IMG_2978Shelduck in flight.



IMG_2908This little robin was more than happy to pose and have his photo taken.

curlewAfter much debate, we came to the conclusion that this is, in fact, a curlew. We were thinking it was a bit small and therefore might be a whimbrel.

Feel free to correct me on my knowledge of birds or to debate whether or not I was looking at a bar- or black-tailed godwit.

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