Sally very kindly invited me to go along to her Tuesday morning yoga session at the Orange Grove Clinic. I jumped at the chance because since starting a new weight lifting regime, I’ve lost some flexibility and have been aching a huge amount. Some yoga in Norwich sounded like a great idea.

Now, I’ve never been very flexible so the thought of yoga is tempting because I’d love to be bendier. However, the thought of going to a class and being bad at it always put me off. I’d done a bit of yoga at home but mainly as a stretching technique before the gym or after a run.

I’ve learnt something, you can’t really be bad at yoga. There are enough modifications to moves that it doesn’t matter if you aren’t flexible. That’ll come. It’s all about the breathing and how you feel. Not what others are doing.

The Orange Grove Clinic is nestled in the Norwich Lanes and is a perfect setting for a morning yoga session. The classes are small which gives Sally the chance to give everyone some attention. The type of yoga at this session was about the movement between poses just as much as the positions themselves.

This gave the 75 minute session a very fluid feel. Everything was seemless. It’s so easy to get lost in your breaths and just move with what Sally is telling you to do. I didn’t have to do much peeking from beneath closed eyes to see what was going on.

After the session I felt amazing. All the aches from recent weight training had dissipated and I felt completely relaxed. Although the events that followed during my day at work should’ve stressed me out, I remained calm throughout.

I would recommend yoga in Norwich to anyone who is looking to de-stress, get fit, gain some flexibility or just get out of the house on a Tuesday morning or Thursday night. Sally is a great teacher and definitely puts yoga newbies at ease.

Take a look at Sally’s website for details of upcoming classes as well as information on pregnancy yoga.